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Schenectady City School District's John Sayles School of Fine Arts

Many thanks to Assemblyman Angelo Santabarbara and Assemblyman Phil Steck for their Introduction of the BRTC to the Floor of the NYS Assembly on June 9. Blue Roses is honored to have their recognition and support. We offer our sincere gratitude to all our supporters for making this season a successful one. The BRTC could not exist without your generous help. Anyone can become a Patron ($20), Angel ($50) or Benefactor ($100) to the Blue Roses Theatre Company for the BRTC 2014-15 Season by mailing in a contribution with the BRTC Supporter Form.

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The Blue Roses Theatre Company's 2013-14 Theatre Season is made possible by a generous grant
from the Henry M. Butzel Family Foundation and a donation in memory of Elizabeth Wham Ziskin.

Updated July 23, 2014